Good Neighbors COVID-19 Global Emergency Relief

Protecting Children
the COVID-19 Pandemic

WHO (World Health Organization) declared Coronavirus as a Pandemic.
More than 3,600,000 cases confirmed across the world (06/05/2020)
Due to the inadequate national health care system children from the developing countries
are at great risk, with the unknown worldwide crisis.

* Pandemic means the worldwide spread of a new disease that needs the highest level of preparation.

Due to the insufficient local medical system, they cannot be tested immediately even they
have anxiety about infection. Moreover, it is hard to get hygiene masks for preventing infection.
Many are even struggling to make a living due to this crisis leading job losses.

Children who are suffering from the COVID-19 desperately
need below supports.


Provide COVID-19 test kit for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Provide medical supplies and protective equipment to the community hospitals and public health centers to support medical staffs by preventing infection during the medical activities.

A safe regional multi-use facility-centered quarantine to prevent the spread of corona 19 infection


Mask support for safe protection of vulnerable children and local residents with low immunity.

Installation of washbasins.

Personal hygiene kit support for those with insufficient hygiene products and facilities.


The supply of daily necessities and groceries to the vulnerable who suffer from isolated living.

Emergency living support for the vulnerable, such as losing their jobs.


Hygiene education for children and residents in the region, such as hand washing, cough etiquette, etc., to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Conducting a COVID-19 prevention campaign to recognize the necessity and importance of hygiene control

Good Neighbors is urgently responding to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in cooperation with local governments and local communities, focusing on regional development operations in 39 countries.


Support Img

Distribution of mask to local residents and kids

As the COVID-19 crisis prolongs, support for children's safety and health is continuously needed.

Protect our children from COVID-19

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