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Good Sisters

What is Good Sisters?

Good Sisters started in Chaseta, Malawi in February 2012 as a pilot project when research showed that girls drop out of school during their menstrual cycles. To improve hygiene and sanitation conditions, girls were given sanitary pads; however, there were more complicated issues than just access to sanitary pads. There was a lack of education on sexual and reproductive health, and the local acceptance of early child marriage and adolescent pregnancy caused school drop outs and low attendance rates at the primary school level.

Girls have the right to information and services about their health and education, and they are a force for building a community-wide culture that is supportive of human rights and gender equality.

It all starts with being a Good Sister.


In a country where nearly 50% of girls are married by the time they reach 18 years old, Good Sisters focuses on girls between ages 12-17, and becomes a safe space for girls in high-poverty villages throughout Malawi to:

  • campaign for and claim their human rights,
  • protect their health,
  • prioritize primary and secondary education, and
  • postpone the age of marriage until adulthood.

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How does Good Sisters do it?

The growth of the first Good Sisters club in Chaseta prompted Good Neighbors to expand the program into 6 additional communities, impacting almost 400 girls directly, plus countless others within their community.

The Good Sisters club:

  • teaches every member how to sew their own reusable cotton sanitary pads, to increase school attendance and minimize the harassment, shame and isolation associated with menstruation
  • provides education about HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, so that they can make better choices with accurate information and a supportive social environment
  • discusses the negative effects of early marriage through education and local advocacy
  • offers peer-to-peer counseling programs that are an effective tool for personal growth and empowerment, as well as role models from secondary school students and university graduates
  • supports members to use performance art to advocate for their human rights
  • hosts public forums and local radio shows that showcase dialogues between adolescent girls, educators, traditional leaders and parents
  • organizes field trips to university campuses to meet with inspiring young women who are willing to share how they have addressed social, family and financial challenges to continue their education

With your support, Good Neighbors can expand Good Sisters by:

  • increasing the number of girls that the project can accommodate;
  • providing enough sanitary pad fabric and sewing materials for each girl enrolled;
  • building a private female-focused sanitary facility so girls can take care of their needs with dignity;
  • providing school book bags for every member so girls can hide their sanitary pads when they go to school;
  • hiring additional program staff to meet the local demand for the project in more communities; and
  • building groundbreaking support within their community for girls’ human rights, staying in school, staying healthy, and delaying marriage until adulthood.

Support Good Sisters

USD 20.00 (for one donation)   USD    (Min. $10)
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