Good Neighbors Rwanda holds 2019 Agriculture launch event

Good Neighbors Rwanda (chief director Choi Eun-young) co-hosted the "Launch of agriculture season 2019 A" event, with central and local governments . This event serves as an announcement for the start of a new farming season throughout Rwanda.

It is the largest annual agriculture-related event held annually to inform Rwanda throughout the new agricultural season. This year, the event was held in Kamegeri CDP (Rwanda), which has been in development under a cooperation between Good Neighbors Rwanda and World Food Organization (WFP) .

50 of Rwanda's central and local government officials and 500 local residents attended the event, which was broadcast throughout the country through major media such as Rwandan state TV and radio.

Edouard NGIRENTE Prime Minister Rwanda emphasized the importance of agriculture in Rwanda's development and pledged to prepare for a new leap in Rwandan agriculture through institutional arrangements and support at the national level.

We also appreciated the efforts of the Good Neighbors Rwanda branch for bringing good change to the community through the development of Mwogo low-humidity farmland and Bwama Elementary School.

With the start of a new agricultural season, I would like to ask for your continued support and support for the new changes that will be made by the Good Neighbors Rwandan branch.