Good Neighbors Vietnam hosts the 2nd Youth Development Club Festival

On October 13th and 14th, GN Vietnam held the 2nd Youth Development Club (YDC) Festival, with the theme of 'YDC Journey' in Hoa Binh province of Vietnam.

The "Youth Development Club Festival", which is held for the second time since last year, is a festival where students from all over the country gather together to show off their talents and skills through a talent show, athletic meet, and exhibition. As a project for the development of children's abilities, Good Neighbors Vietnam cooperates with local governments and schools in six northern regions of Vietnam to operate 32 special activity clubs including football, music, art and English. Through this, we are supporting the capacity and potential of about 1,000 children in crisis families.

About 1,500 children, government officials and local residents participated in the festival. In particular, Hari Won, Ambassador of Good Neighbors Vietnam, attended the event and delivered scholarships to two children. In addition, the Engineering Mutual Funds Association, K-Market, and Faldo Vina, a subsidiary of Faldo Co., Ltd., sponsored the Festivals for Extracurricular Activities and helped hold the event successfully.

Country Director of GN Vietnam, Yong-sic An said, "I am glad to be able to support children's dreams and show their talents. I would like to ask your government agencies and local residents for their active interest and cooperation in holding festivals to be the protagonists of children."

We hope that you will continue to support the dreams and hopes of children through the activities of Good Neighbors Vietnam.