Good Neighbors has attained ECOSOC Status in 1996

Good Neighbors has attained General consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social council (UN ECOSOC) in 1996

Founded in 1991, Good Neighbors began its domestic family development project and rural development project in Pyeongchang-gun. Good Neighbors’ focus has always been on achieving results- real results that make a world where no one is left hunger, everyone lives together as good neighbors. During the following five years, its outstanding results achieved made it recognized worldwide. In 1996, Good Neighbors was granted General Consultative Status from the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC).

Basic Facts about ECOSOC Status

ECOSOC Status is the basis for the consultative interaction between the United Nations and NGOs. This relationship was set forth following an extensive intergovernmental review that culminated ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31. This relationship is the principal means through which ECOSOC receives input from NGOs into its deliberations at public meetings and in its subsidiary bodies as well as in UN international conferences and their preparatory bodies.

What did Good Neighbors achieve during this period?

  1. 1.Began rural development project in Pyeongchang-gun

  1. 2.Began domestic family development project- Started Gu Chon Project

  1. 3.Signed MOU with childcare facilities

  1. 4.Started publication of bi-monthly magazine ’Joeun Eut ’

  1. 5.Held the training for the superintendents

  1. 6.Opened the 1st and 2nd Community Welfare Center in Seongnam

  1. 7.Started distribution the coin bank as a way of fundraising

  1. 8.Began the 1st overseas relief project in Bangladesh

  1. 9.Held the 1st staff training

  1. 10.Held the ’Love Fast’ campaign

  1. 11.Began the Somalian refugee relief project

  1. 12.Open Gusan Community Welfare Center

  1. 13.Participated in UNHCR seminar on refugee issues

  1. 14.Dispatched its relief & medical team to help Rwandan refugees

  1. 15.Began the 1st overseas project in Africa – Established Good Neighbors Kenya

  1. 16.Conducted the 1st humanitarian aid project for North Korea

  1. 17.Began the Child Abuse Counseling and Prevention Project

  1. 18.Held the 1st ‘Night for Sponsors‘ in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of foundation

  1. 19.Established Good Neighbors International Headquarters

What can Good Neighbors do with ECOSOC status?

NGOs holding consultative status receive the provisional agenda of ECOSOC. They have certain privileges to place items on the agenda of ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies; they may attend meetings, where they may submit written statements and make oral presentations to governments. Good Neighbors would therefore be able to build strong connections worldwide and influence the world through its relationship with the United Nations.