Good Neighbors Mongolia delivers COVID-19 Emergency Life Support Kit to Vulnerable Population

From April 23rd to May 19th, Good Neighbors Mongolia (Representative Soonhyooung Cho) delivered Emergency Life Support Kit to 6,500 families who are experiencing difficulty due to COVID-19.

dong lai

Since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 occurred last February, Mongolia has been responding strongly with school shutdown orders and lockdown orders, but was met with further spread of the virus, now at 141 total confirmed cases (as of May 25th).

Good Neighbors Mongolia has cooperated with the Mongolia government regarding response to COVID-19 for the past three months, and distributed food supplies, face masks, and hand sanitizers in order to minimize the damage caused by COVID-19. Also, posters on precautionary rules regarding COVID-19 were made and put up in places where community members visit often, such as wells, playgrounds, and markets, helping to stop further spread of the virus.

Also, along with Mongolia Emergency Planning Committee, GN Mongolia provided emergency life support kit to vulnerable population in six districts within Ulaanbaatar and an area in Darkhan-Uul Aimag, and within the kit, 26,000 face masks have been produced by clothing union within Good Neighbors Mongolia, revitalizing local economy where it has been hit with impact of COVID-19.

Mongolia Emergency Planning Committee Chairperson U. Enkhtuvshin said, “Mongolia government and the Emergency Planning Committee would like to thank, on behalf of all Mongolian citizens, Good Neighbors Mongolia for actively helping Mongolian people who are suffering from the pandemic COVID-19, so we can get back to living healthy and stable life.”

Representative Cho said, “We will continue to communicate with Mongolian government and continue our additional support so that community members of Mongolia who are suffering from spread of COVID-19 can live stable life as soon as possible.”

All our response is possible thanks to your support. Please join us to save lives and keep the safety of children and the vulnerable.

We are ready to respond to you and COVID-19.

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