Good Neighbors Indonesia conducts emergency relief to the victims of the earthquake in Sulawesi

In January 2021, two large earthquakes struck the west Sulawesi province in Indonesia. 92 people were reportedly dead, three were missing, and approximately 3,300 people were injured.As a response to this tragedy, Good Neighbors Indonesia provided immediate emergency relief to the children and families in need.

Good Neighbors Indonesia cooperated with volunteers from two local communities to help 1,000 families in total. They delivered 1,000 packages of hygiene kit, composed of detergent, tooth paste, tooth brush, bar soaps, towel, and blanket, and tarpaulins for 32 families displaced by the disaster.

The effect of the earthquakes was immediate and devastating for everyone, particularly for children. To support and enhance children's psychosocial well-being under the situation, a series of psycho-social support (PSS) activities were also conducted. A total number of 239 children participated in the outdoor activities of drawing, singing, and dancing while coping with their stressed minds.

Besides, 250 stationery Kits including books, school bags were provided by Good Neighbors Indonesia and 1,000 shirts from a local donor were also distributed.

Good Neighbors Indonesia considered a sustainable help, so although the official emergency relief is over, the PSS activities for children are still running by the trained local volunteers. Good Neighbors hopes our neighbors promptly recover from the disaster.

All our response is possible thanks to your support. Please join us to save lives and keep the safety of children and the vulnerable.

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