Good Neighbors Japan and Japanese Embassy in Mozambique signed the contract on construction of health centers and training Community Health Workers for Mozambique

On March 3, 2021, GN Japan and the Japanese Embassy in Mozambique signed a contract for the project to improve health / medical environment through the construction of health centers and the training of Community Health Workers. (CHWs) The project will be conducted in Ndedja resettlement site, 7 Abril-Cura resettlement sites and their neighboring communities aiming to train 180 CHWs so that they can provide appropriate health services for approximately 27,794 people.

In Mozambique, the cyclone Ldai have caused hundreds of deaths and massive destruction of properties and crops on March 14, 2019. Thousands of people were relocated to the newly established resettlement sites. Two years have passed, but people relocated in tese resettlement sites still have only limited public services. Lack of public health service has contributed to the prevalence of malnutrition, pellagra, cholera, and malaria in these areas. 

In addition, like health facilities, Mozambique has a large shortage in the number of health care providers. According to the USAID (2021), there are only three doctors per 100,000 people - a proportion that is among the lowest in the world. To extend the coverage of public health care system to include undeserved populations, especially those in rural areas, the Ministry of Health (MISAU) has been promoting the training of community-based health workers. 

In response of this situation, GN Japan in cooperation with Japanese Embassy in Mozambique and GN Mozambique is going to improve the accessibility to health services among the population in the resettlement sites. While constructing health centers, CHWs will diligently trained with various activities such as home visit exercises and education on public health/disease prevention knowledge to provide proper services to people. The project is a one year project with amount of USD 579,441.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right. Therefore, this project seems to be very valuable and essential in Mozambique. Good Neighbors hopes to improve the quality of life through the betterment of health services.


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