Good Neighbors Statement on the Türkiye and Syria Earthquake

 February 8, 2023

We are deeply saddened by the recent earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria, causing at least 4,544 deaths and 26,725 injuries according to UN OCHA (7 February 2023). Our thoughts and condolences are with the families and friends of those affected.

In response to this crisis, Good Neighbors is committed to providing support to those in need.

We have pledged to allocate one million US dollars to assist with relief efforts in the impacted areas. We also dispatched a GN’s rapid response team to Türkiye, and they will assess the most significant needs of the impacted people. Good Neighbors will expand the scale and scope of the relief into a stage of reconstruction in the upcoming weeks.

We believe that it is crucial for international actors to come together in a concerted effort to support those affected by this disaster. Good Neighbors will collaborate closely with local partners to ensure swift and appropriate actions are taken.

As a child rights and child protection organization, Good Neighbors is concerned about physical and psychological harm to children. Given that the children in Syria have faced complex humanitarian situations so far, our immediate focus is to ensure the basic needs of affected children and their families.

We also want to bring attention to the Syrian refugees in the affected regions and the Syrian people in the bordering areas. It is critical that they be safeguarded and provided with the appropriate support and assistance, regardless of their beliefs and political affiliations.

Good Neighbors and our partners in over 40 countries stand with the affected communities and will work to make sure that immediate relief is made available.

All our response is possible thanks to your support. Please join us to save lives and keep the safety of children and the vulnerable.

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