People exercise the right to health

The right to health is a fundamental human right and is one of the essential conditions for exercising other human rights. The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) defines the right to health as everyone’s right to enjoy the highest attainable physical and mental health. This includes the right to health and physical control, the right to privacy, and the right to health care systems that provide equal opportunity to enjoy the highest level of health obtainable.

However, in reality, the right to health is currently not available for everyone to enjoy. Many people including pregnant women and children are unable to access crucial health services, which leads to high maternal mortality, child death and various infectious diseases. Every day, 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, and 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Furthermore, less than half of all births in lower and middle income countries were assisted by skilled health personnel.

In addition, millions of people suffer from poor life conditions and health from drinking unsanitary water because no clean and sufficient water sources are available.

Our education work focuses on the following two areas :

Ensuring quality education for all
Every child regardless of their gender, economic or social situation should be ensured of their right to obtain quality education. In order to ensure access to quality education, we will support caregivers such as parents to acknowledge the need for child education. We will also assist in creating better school environments and developing teachers’ capacities, especially addressing any obstacles for girls’ education.

Enabling access to lifelong learning for adults
Adults who were not able to receive proper education may lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, which limit their capacity to bargain at the market, make bank transactions, or effectively interact and communicate with others. Therefore, ensuring that adults have opportunities to learn these skills is crucial in ensuring their empowerment.

Supporting people’s access to safe water and sanitation
Water is essential for health and ultimately life. We will work together with communities in order to ensure sufficient and safe water for everyone. Hygiene and sanitation is also crucial to good health. We will promote people’s awareness of good hygiene and sanitary practices.