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Good Neighbors UN Cooperation Office in Geneva

Good Neighbors UN Cooperation Office was founded in Geneva in 2008 to represent Good Neighbors to the UN organizations and other international stakeholders, including UNHCR, UN Human Rights Council, WFP, and ICVA (International Council of Voluntary Agencies). It provides support to the Global Partnership Center and Good Neighbors’ partners through policy research and strategy development in line with emerging global humanitarian and development norms. It also contributes to the capacity building of Good Neighbors Partnership Countries in the area of UN Partnership, Human Rights Based Approach, and Refugee Programs.

Our Actions

  • Representation of Good Neighbors to the United Nations and other international bodies
  • Development of global policy and strategy
  • Field country support for partnership and resources
  • Supervision of Good Neighbors Refugee Programs
  • Coordination of mainstreaming Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA)

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