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Child Protection

Good Neighbors fosters a child-friendly environment in all of countries and communities we work based on the core value of “Prioritize the Rights of Children” and the four fundamental rights of children.

Every Child is Protected

All children should be able to obtain legal rights, foremost through birth registration, and have equal access to health, education and other social services. Children should also be protected from child abuse and exploitation that threatens their health and dignity, child labor and child right violation such as domestic and international trafficking.

We will work to enable all children in the world to enjoy their rights. We will first support children to be able to assert their rights by themselves, and help parents and their neighbors to work together to protect their children. In addition, we will make efforts for child protection systems and policies to be made from the community to the national level.

Our Focus on the Rights of Child

Promoting awareness of child rights among children and caregivers

We support children in being aware of their own rights and having the capacity to voice them. Furthermore, as children are influenced by their caregivers, we work to ensure that caregivers are aware of and fulfill their responsibilities to protect the rights of children.

Ensuring child protection policies and systems at the national and community level

We continue to support establishment of child protection systems at the national and community level as they cannot be achieved through individual efforts. As one of our advocacy efforts, governments were reminded that they should recognize and fulfill their duty to protect children.

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