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Sustainable Environments

Good Neighbors contributes to people’s efforts to building a sustainable settlement that will help people enjoy better life quality and have less impact on the environment.

People live in sustainable environment

The environment is an indispensable element in human life. The impact of the environment on us, in the ever-worsening climate change, can no longer be overlooked. The international community is already cooperating with the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Paris Climate Convention in 2015 to slow down climate change.

However, response to climate change is an immense challenge for the marginalized, who are the biggest victims. We believe that building a sustainable environment is important for poverty eradication. Therefore, we will endeavour to achieve environmental sustainability and support sustainable use of resources with the people.

Our Focus on Response to Climate Change

Promoting environment protection by people

We raise people’s awareness of climate change by providing opportunities to learn about what it is and what actions to take. In addition, we assist people in building eco-friendly, high-quality housing and improving their neighborhoods to promote sustainable human settlement.

Achieving the sustainable use of resources

We support communities in developing community-based natural resource management. Accordingly, we help communities increase efficiency in the use and recycling of resources.

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