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what we do

Good Neighbors supports suffering neighbors so that they achieve self-reliance and rebuild hope.

We support our neighbors who suffer from hunger, disasters, and oppression. We pay particular attention to those who are socio-economically marginalized, discriminated, and socially excluded due to their gender, ethnicity, religion, class, language, and other social status. 

Good Neighbors has developed a model of community development and implemented it in more than 200 communities around the globe. This model is community-focused and comprehensive – not bound to a single issue. As the challenges that our neighbors suffer from are complex, not a single intervention can create a lasting impact and achieve self-reliance of communities we work for and with. 

Our Operational Principles

  • Child Rights Protection:
    We plan and implement projects that ensure the thorough protection of children’s rights based on a firm understanding of human dignity, with the principle of faithfully fulfilling the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Network:
    We leverage the human and material resources of the regions where its projects are implemented. We actively engage volunteers, partners, and local committees to activate and sustain the projects through organizational structures.
  • Advocacy:
    We conduct advocacy activities such as campaigns, government engagements, and seminars to raise awareness about the necessity of its projects and improve public understanding regarding civil society education.

Our Focus Area

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