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Food Security and Nutrition

Good Neighbors help improve nutrition for the growth
and development of children.

People are free from hunger

It is easy to think that hunger is simply a lack of food. However, apart from food insufficiency, hunger also occurs when people have difficulty accessing food. If the price of food surges due to sudden changes in policy, conflicts, cornering and hoarding, and food outflowing to other regions, vulnerable people are the first victim in a hunger crisis.

Following food accessibility, another causing factor to hunger is malnutrition. Long-term nutritional deficiency interferes with child development and prevents normal growth.

We must strive to free people from hunger. First, we will strengthen individual and community responsiveness to food insecurity. We will build an organized response system for communities by raising people’s understanding of food security and strengthening the need for food security preparedness. We will also introduce sustainable production methods to communities to ensure a stable supply of food and prevent interruptions from climate change and its effects.

Our Focus on Nutrition

Enhancing food security and community resilience

A crucial step we have taken to encourage resilience and food security among the people is to assist communities in organizing for collective action and to promote understanding of food security issues. Furthermore, we emphasize support for small-scale farmers to adopt sustainable and productive farming methods which strengthen their capacity to withstand climate change and natural disasters.

Assisting those susceptible to malnutrition

Children, women, and the destitute are most vulnerable to malnutrition. Therefore, we take special care to encourage communities to focus their collective attention on the welfare of those most susceptible. Our efforts have been towards enabling people to ensure balanced nutritional intake with locally available ingredients.

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