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Earth Day 2024

Earth Day 2024: Plastic vs. Planet

Earth Day is a global movement dedicated to fostering a more sustainable world, celebrated annually on April 22. In 2024, the focus is on the critical issue of plastic pollution and its harmful effects on nature.

Over the past 70 years, plastic production has surged, now exceeding 380 million tons each year. As plastics break down, they form microplastics that release toxic chemicals into our food and water supplies, the air we breathe, and pose threats to life on land and in the sea, as well as to our overall environment.

Good Neighbors is joining Earth Day 2024 to address these serious threats posed by plastics to human health, with a particular emphasis on the development and well-being of children. We remain committed to creating a more sustainable world to ensure that children have access to better opportunities for a better life.

Our Impact


People involved environment actions


People practicing sustainable resource management*


People responding to the climate change**

Figures based on 2023 data

*People practicing sustainable resource management: The number of people involved in the community-based natural resources management during the reporting period, e.g., recycling, appropriate waste disposal, etc. 
**People responding to the climate change: The number of people who have been striving to minimize the impact of the climate change during the reporting period, e.g., using environment-friendly energy, planting tree, etc. 

How we make a more sustainable world

We help people practice environment protection

We increase the awareness of climate change; how it impacts their lives, why environmental protection is needed, and how to take action to minimize its impact. We promote both individual and collaborative action.

We help people achieve the sustainable use of resources

Efficient use of resources reduces social and economic costs, not only carbon dioxide emissions. We bring technologies and solutions to apply to their habits and help them strengthen capabilities of resource management.

Advocating children's voices in climate action

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Connected to Change - Global Youth Network

Youth representatives from 16 countries participated in the Global Youth Network program to amplify their voices on the climate crisis, which have been underrepresented despite its profound impact on their futures.

During the program, participants freely expressed their thoughts and opinions with peers and engaged in sustainable practices in their daily lives, such as plogging, recycling, and tree planting.

As advocates for a better future, these young individuals will continue to drive positive change in their communities and encourage more people to join their efforts towards sustainable action.

More Actions for a Sustainable World

Guatemala: Children taking ecological actions

500 children and 70 teachers in Guatemala learned proper solid waste management, ecological footprint, efficient use of water, and how to recycle materials, especially plastics. From collecting plastic waste, students and teachers made eco-bricks to improve their facilities, such as bench, tables and chairs.

Vietnam: Collective Actions to Preserve Environment

1,421 children in Vietnam participated in the environmental education program and diverse campaigns. They learned reduction of plastic waste and forming green habits and lifestyle to protect the environment, collecting 64,000 plastic bottles. Children also presented solutions to preserve the environment in the Environmental Protection Festival.

Ethiopia: Reforestation and Restoration

Good Neighbors empowers watershed cooperatives in Ethiopia to contribute to the reforestation and the improvement of forest. Community’s capabilities of reforestation and responding to the climate change has been strengthened. Farmers are provided with agricultural equipment and fruit and forest trees’ seeds to practice climate-smart agriculture. 

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