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Our commitment to empowering people and transforming communities continues until the world lives in harmony.

Founded in South Korea in 1991 with the dream of a world without hunger and living in harmony, Good Neighbors has evolved from a modest domestic organization into a globally accredited organization, currently working in over 50 countries. This journey began with the first overseas project in Bangladesh in 1992, followed by our humanitarian assistance in Somalia in 1993. 

Over the years, Good Neighbors has significantly expanded its scope of work, transitioning from focusing solely on emergency responses to implementing comprehensive community development. From 2011, Good Neighbors started to be globally recognized, working with diverse partners such as the UN World Food Programme (WFP), UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and UN Development Programme (UNDP). Last decade, Good Neighbors has strived for strengthening partnership-oriented operations and economic empowerment for more sustainable development. 

Looking ahead, Good Neighbors is continuously committed to empowering people and transforming communities in line with our Vision 2030. We are dedicated to responding to the needs of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations. Our commitment continues until the world lives in harmony. 

Three decades of making good changes

We support our
suffering neighbors.

We empower people.

We promote cooperation and solidarity.​

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