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Good Neighbors Romania

Good Neighbors launched its mission in Romania in March 2022, amidst the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. To support safe mobility and protection, Good Neighbors swiftly mobilized an emergency response team to Suceava (Siret), Galați (Isaccea), and Constanța areas and provided transportation services, cash vouchers, and psychosocial support for people fleeing from the conflict, especially children and women. In particular, Good Neighbors collaborated with UNICEF in Blue Dots Hubs to help the psychosocial recovery of children crossing borders in a child-friendly space.

In the subsequent year, Good Neighbors, registered under the name Vecinii Buni, established a permanent office in Romania, recognizing the enduring needs of settled migrants and the importance of stable supply of relief goods such as food items and medicine to Ukraine. Vecinii Buni has worked with diverse grassroots organizations to build their capacity in response to humanitarian needs and coordinates inter-agency operations, continuing its mission in Galați. In collaboration with esteemed partners, we continue to strive to protect forcibly displaced people in critical need.

Our Actions

  • Refugee Child Protection
    We ensure the safety, well-being, and educational development of refugee children. Our initiatives include providing psychosocial support and child-friendly spaces, along with extracurricular classes for refugee children, aiming to foster a secure environment and promote educational continuity.
  • Shelter Provision
    We improve shelters facilities, ensuring refugees have access to secure and adequate living conditions.
  • Capacity Building
    We strengthen the capabilities of local partner organizations for effective humanitarian response. We conduct training programs including child safeguarding and psychosocial support, enhancing their ability to respond to humanitarian needs effectively.
  • Coordination and Partnership
    We ensure cohesive and efficient humanitarian interventions through collaboration. We coordinate with inter-partners and UN agencies, facilitating integrated efforts to maximize the impact of our interventions.

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