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Good Neighbors Thailand Foundation

Good Neighbors (Thailand) Foundation was registered as a local, Thai foundation in 2015. The foundation currently works to promote child protection and education in Thailand, in the northern highland areas in Chiang Rai. The project aims to facilitate the integration of disadvantaged children from ethnic minority or stateless groups into the formal Thai school system, by providing bilingual teachers that help students to keep up with the Thai-language education. Though Thailand is a country with a thriving economy compared to neighboring countries, its population in rural areas, especially in border areas, are very vulnerable, suffer from poverty and face challenges in accessing basic social services and protection. Good Neighbors (Thailand) Foundation plans to expand its work in Thailand, through holistic community development programs, advocacy campaigns, and working effectively with partner organizations. Good Neighbors (Thailand) Foundation welcomes opportunities to work together with corporations, NGOs, local civil society organizations, and government to work towards poverty alleviation and promote and protect child rights and the rights of the most vulnerable.

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