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Good Neighbors Zambia was established in 2012. We have embarked on a mission to extend its services to the vulnerable communities of Zambia. We aim to bring fundamental social changes through CDPs (Community Development Projects) in order to empower families and local communities to become self-reliant. Our organization provides vocational training, helps to develop local agriculture, and establishes sector developmental infrastructure in the way of Agricultural Development or in the way of Education, Health, WASH services. All of these programs strive to observe international human rights principles and regional conventions.

Our Actions

  • Community Development
  • Education : Quality and Accessibility
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) : Awareness and Accessibility, School and Community Based WASH Program
  • Income Generation : Training Program, Cooperatives
  • Health : Under 5 Malnutrition, Basic Health for children, especially girls.

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