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Child Rights and Protection, Impact Stories

Creating Awareness and Safe Spaces in Tanzania

Tanzania faces significant challenges in ensuring child rights despite efforts to safeguard them through the ratification of international conventions and enactment of domestic laws.

To address this pressing issue, GN Tanzania has taken commendable steps to raise awareness and create safe environments for children within the community. Their initiatives encompass a range of activities aimed at making a meaningful difference, including the establishment and empowerment of 29 children’s clubs comprising 512 students from primary and secondary schools. Additionally, they have conducted impactful awareness campaigns through seminars and whiteboard messages in schools.

One shining example of the impact of these efforts is the story of Tausi Miraji Mlevi, a member of the youth media club. Tausi played a crucial role in the production of a video addressing gender-based violence, particularly focusing on the consequences of the lack of dormitories or hostels near schools, a situation that disproportionately affects girls.

Tausi’s journey reflects remarkable courage and conviction. She was determined to use her participation in activities that shed light on the practice of gender-based violence to bring about change in her society. She recounted, “When I joined the club, my father was angry with me. He told me to stop engaging in club activities, fearing they might have a negative influence on me. However, I knew the club was a safe and right place for me to be the change that people like him needed to see. Last year when I passed my exam, I told him that it was because of child club. Since then, he has been nothing but supportive. What I know is that, he came to trust me because I show him by example the good behavior while engaging in club activities.”

Tausi’s influence extended to other girls, inspiring them to participate in filming, and it wasn’t long before all of them were eager to get involved in the four film projects.

Furthermore, GN Tanzania has also installed eight signboards in different locations within the Dar Es Salaam Community Development Programs. These signboards promote gender equality and offer practical measures to combat gender-based violence.

To sustain these efforts, they have produced four insightful videos that address crucial gender equality topics of gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy, early marriage, and women’s rights. These videos are currently being readied for broadcasting on media platforms to reach the general public.

Through these initiatives, GN Tanzania is not only creating awareness but also providing a supportive and empowering environment for children to thrive and champion the cause of child rights and gender equality in Tanzania.

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