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Hope in the Midst of War: Bringing Hope and Healing to Ukrainians

In February 2022, the Ukraine crisis began, resulting in immense suffering as millions of Ukrainians were displaced. Approximately 18 million individuals were affected, including a significant number of innocent children. Tragically, the conflict claimed over 8,900 lives and left 15,000 people injured, including more than 1,500 children.

Despite this devastation, a glimmer of hope has emerged. Good Neighbors (GN) has been continuously providing emergency relief and psychosocial support (PSS), collaborating with multiple agencies to alleviate the suffering of the affected by the war.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, GN swiftly responded to the needs for emergency relief in Romania, where many Ukrainian refugees entered. Collaborating with local organizations, GN provided crucial supplies, including food, medicines, and medical equipment, inside Ukraine.

Additionally, GN extended a helping hand to the most vulnerable victims of this crisis—children. GN also provided transportation assistance to help Ukrainian war refugee children in Romania and created child-friendly spaces, offering PSS programs that will help them in coping with and recovering from the traumatic experiences they encountered.

GN around the world has been integrating its efforts and securing resources to support our neighbors affected by the war. The unwavering commitment of our neighbors in bringing crucial support has been a shining example of true compassion and solidarity.

From a Student to a Good Neighbors Volunteer: A Journey of Resilience and Hope

Meet Anastasia Shapoval, a 25-year-old woman who crossed the Romania-Ukraine border in March 2022. Her journey was marked by uncertainty and insecurity, but what transpired next would restore her sense of purpose and self-esteem.

Upon crossing the border, Anastasia found herself lost in an unfamiliar place. However, after she met a Good Neighbors (GN) emergency response team, it made a total difference in her life. She was inspired to be a volunteer for GN who are working tirelessly to help children who are experiencing trauma brought by the war.

Anastasia’s decision to volunteer in this capacity not only proved to be a beacon of hope for the Ukrainian community but also brought stability and certainty back into her own life. The act of giving back and making a difference filled the void of uncertainty she had felt upon leaving her homeland.

One of the sad realities Ukraine struggle is securing employment and accessing medical assistance especially for elderly individuals who do not speak Romanian or English. It is more difficult for for families losing their loved ones on the bombings leaving countless children, elderly, and internally displaced people not able to leave Ukraine. As a result, some regions have to overcome scarcity of water and electricity.

Despite all of this, GN’s efforts was appreciated by Anastasia’s community, especially in distributing food and humanitarian aid within her home country. She believe that this kind of assistance is still relevant even after the war, particularly long-term PSS programs for children. But more than ever, the only hope of all Ukrainians is for the war to end to prevent further loss of life and suffering.

Anastasia shared, “I dream about having my own family in a cozy house with a beautiful flower garden and my children running around happily. I would continue teaching children, deriving immense happiness from seeing their growth. I am a content, resilient, and active woman contributing meaningfully to my family and society.”

Sometimes, there are certain events that bring tears to her eyes, but Anastasia is grateful for life and strives to preserve the strength to seek happiness and express gratitude for everything she has.

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