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‘Hello? Dear 18’ – Graduation camp for Children completing the Sponsorship program in Mongolia

All Sponsorship children need to graduate from Good Neighbors’ support program when they become 18 years old. To celebrate their graduation and encourage starting a new phase of life, Good Neighbors Mongolia held a Graduation camp for Children completing the sponsorship program in Mongolia.

This camp was to offer opportunities to help the children, especially those who are about to start their social life as an adult, gain the related information about their dream jobs and skills, and get some abilities necessary to be successful in transitioning to adulthood and careers.

A total of 80 children who have reached the age of 18 and completed the ‘Child Sponsorship Program’ participated. They spent five memorable days together learning and listening to valuable advice, which is how to define their personality, choose the right profession and achieve their dreams and goals from the lecturers. Also, they had acquainted with the operation of the biggest enterprises and companies in Mongolia, learned about the product and production, and got workplace information, as well as their teamwork and creativity.

Worked with psychological cards on the first day

The first day was a day of knowing themselves

Thanks to professional training programs, children recognized their strengths and weaknesses and know what to focus on in the future. They acquired knowledge about the profession and the job that suits their personality. Also, they shared concerns and supported each other in group counseling.

“The children, who were little when we first met, are now happy and excited to see the time to take the first steps in their life and choose their profession. I am happy to say goodbye to them after this memorable and useful activity is organized.”Ms. Buka, Child Right Protection division manager in GN Mongolia

The second day was career planning day

Three types of lectures were conducted.

The first lecture was about job-related career development. Mr. Gansukh, Senior VP of Takhilt Khairkhan Trans LLC, one of Mongolia’s major highway construction companies, moderated it. He encouraged children to achieve their dreams to help them have proper life habits and self-confidence.

​​​Also, Gankhuyag, human resource manager of E-mart LLC, one of the significant foreign distribution companies, came and gave helpful advice about skills and information to get a job. Also, a simulated job interview guided what to focus on.

The second lecture was about language learning. Ms. Aleta Loftis, a trainer from the American Institute of Education in Mongolia, came to talk about English and foreign language learning methods and skills, as well as the importance of working hard to achieve your dream career.

In the last lecture, Javkhlan, a Project Specialist at GN Mongolia, gave a lecture on opportunities for studying abroad with a scholarship. The lecturer provided information about the types, requirements, preparation, and tips for getting scholarships for international students. It was a fruitful speech for those students who want to study abroad.

Visiting cosmetic company on the third day

The third day was a day of work experience

Children spent a productive day getting acquainted with the operations of Mongolia’s various industrial fields, such as a Bread & Bakery, a cosmetic factory, a cashmere factory, and the first electronic factory in Mongolia. As a result of the field trip, children gained information about workplaces.

Visiting Bread & Bakery company on the third day

The fourth day was a day to improve the way of life

By GN Mongolia staff, In order to increase their health education, reproducing and sexual health education training and psychological education training were organized before noon. In the afternoon, training to prepare for parents and financial education courses were organized.

Team building and farewell on the last day

The last day was a team building and farewell

On the last day of the program, the senior manager of GN Mongolia held a conversation with children about the organization and the result of the personal development program “Hello dear 18,” which lasted for five days, and listened to their opinions. As representatives of children, three children shared their opinions with others. Also, each child was given a certificate of participation in the “Hello dear 18” program and presented a gift.

“By participating in the “Hello, dear 18” program, I made many friends and gained valuable knowledge that I will remember and keep throughout my life. I would like to thank Good Neighbors, which treated us with warm smiles and genuine kindness, and who have supported us for many years.”Enkhjin, Children completing the Sponsorship program

The children had a valuable opportunity to reflect on themselves, learn about their careers and education, and bid farewell to Good Neighbors through a series of events over five days. GN Mongolia will continue to support the dreams of these children and assist them in becoming responsible members of Mongolian society through its sponsorship program.

 Team building program outside on the last day

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