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The module developed by Good Neighbors Tajikistan integrated into National Teacher Training Institute Curriculum

In November 2020, Good Neighbors Tajikistan launched the Safe schools and communities: Combatting Violence against children, with a focus on girls in the families, schools and communities project, funded by UNICEF. The main goal of the project is to raise awareness of children and the community about the ways and means of preventing violence against children, especially girls.

In line with Good Neighbors Tajikistan strategy and advocacy activities Good Neighbors intended to develop and integrate a training module on Positive Discipline and Positive Parenting into the National in-service Teacher Training Institue (TTI) curriculum. Hence, in cooperation with the National in service TTI , a module on “Positive Discipline and Positive Parenting’ was developed, tested, and submitted to the final approval and integration to the Ministry of Education and Science (MOES) Republic of Tajikistan.

By the MOES  Academic Council and National In-service TTI order No. 5/8 dated June 26th 2021, the GNT developed module was endorsed and integrated into national in-service TTI curriculumm.

According to the signed order, this module will be replicated to the non-targeted areas and scaled up by all regional in-service TTIs in Dushanbe, Songhd, Bokhtar, Kulob and Khorog Provinces in Tajikistan through in-service training for teachers. Annually 1,000 of teachers will pass the courses and will be acquainted with the GNT developed module on Positive Discipline and Positive Parenting through In-service training.

The management of the National in-service TTI pledged to make access to all branches and take a control over usage of module. Through the courses of the institute, every teacher once every 5 years can improve their qualifications and get acquainted with the innovation in the field of pedagogy.

This bright torch is an important symbol of the unique success and achievement of Good Neighbors Tajikistan in the field of advocacy.

All our response is possible thanks to your support. Please join us to save lives and keep the safety of children and the vulnerable.

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