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Good Neighbors Vietnam

Good Neighbors Vietnam officially registered as NGO (Non government organization) to PACCOM (People’s Aid Coordinating Committee) on June 1, 2005. We are operating Head office in Hanoi and actively conducting CDPs(Community Development Projects) mainly in 3 provinces with 7 areas in northern Vietnam. We work for human rights of every children and every members of the communities. We also operate cooperatives and income generation groups to support self-reliance of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. We signed the project agreement for children’s book support with the Department of Library of the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to construct new model of ‘Community library’. Furthermore, we will build infrastructures such as schools and kindergartens to improve poor educational environment in Vietnam.

Our Actions

  • Child Sponsorship
  • Education and Protection
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)
  • Income Generation
  • Advocacy
  • Community Partnership
  • Humanitarian Assistance

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