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“Children are not bribes” – Protecting children from early marriage in Vietnam

In Vietnam, child marriage continues to be a prevailing problem. According to a UNICEF report in 2021, women from ethnic groups aged 20-49 continue to experience high rates of marriage before the age of 18.

Since 2020, GN Vietnam has been tirelessly conducting comprehensive awareness, communication and education campaigns in an effort to protect more children from early marriage in the Quang Binh district, where 7% (424 children) are married before the age of 18.

Throughout the project, 6,000 local residents actively participated in the photo exhibition on preventing child marriage. Additionally, 885 students in secondary schools received comprehensive education on sexual and reproductive health, while 20 students went through life skills training courses to empower them against child marriage.

During the media and photo exhibition, Quang Binh District Representative shared that it marked the first large-scale communication event specifically focused on preventing child marriage that still occurs in their community. He recollected, “Through this program, along with the companionship of ambassadors such as Miss Vietnam 2018, famous actors, singers, and models, the messages of “Children are not brides” and “Let the children be children” have spread widely to people in the community.”

GN Vietnam also produced a communication video to increase the level of awareness and knowledge of children and adults about the detrimental effects of child marriage on the well-being of children being married.

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