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Good Neighbors Bangladesh, UN WFP carrying out Resilience to Achieve Zero Hunger project

Good Neighbors Bangladesh has been carrying out a project called ‘Building Resilience to Achieve Zero Hunger (BRAZH)’ funded by UNWFP (world Food Program) in Kurigram district, the northern part of Bangladesh, since 2018. Under BRAZH project, there are three main activities which are Forecast Based Actions (FBA), Seasonal Livelihood Programming (SLP), and Climate Risks Insurance (CRI), and a total number of 2,852 people are participating. Among these activities, the Seasonal Livelihood Program (SLP), the main economic resilience option for the climatic affected beneficiaries, is being actively implemented.

The project has been providing many of the supports to the SLP beneficiaries through Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT) and training in various Income Generation Activities (IGA) in practical at field level to start the activities successfully. The IGA activities include beef fattening, Verme composting production, vegetable production, and different small business like goat/sheep rearing.

As a part of the IGA, GN Bangladesh has also organized 3 days of training with 20 female participants recently. Participants have been selected from our working area by a special survey conducted by WFP, in priority of widow, landless, female headed households, divorced, and those who are not getting any governmental support.

The objectives of the training were to increase women’s involvement with Income Generation Activity (IGA), Self-dependent, economic stability. After the session, there are more following activities as well. The trainess are going to make procurement committees and support more people to get involved in IGAs. Also, to those whom faithfully participate, they will get support in cash, and the participants will be able to receive help from market actors as well as relevant government departments. (Such as agriculture, livestock department, fisheries, women affairs departments)

After completion of the successful training, every participant will receive 18,000tk(BDT) for the Seasonal Livelihood Program(SLP) intervention to ensure their food security and economic sustainability through their IGA activities. In this way, they will be able to have the strength to become self dependent.

Good Neighbors looks forward to see more people independent through the ‘Building Resilience to Achieve Zero Hunger (BRAZH)’ Project in Bangladesh.

ll our response is possible thanks to your support. Please join us to save lives and keep the safety of children and the vulnerable.

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