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Good Neighbors is committed to professional, transparent, and sustainable operations to be accountable to all our stakeholders.

Good Neighbors is committed to maintaining a high level of accountability, as our core value state: We work with professionalism, and pursue financial and operational transparency. We embrace mutual accountability, ensuring that we are accountable to the people we serve and collaborate with. To this end, we share our operational outcomes to the stakeholders such as program participants as well as donors, aligning with our openness and transparency principles. 

We comply with international standards and strive to uphold the highest standards. Our global offices and partnered organizations are affiliated with the platforms to ensure that our policies and programs are enhanced and contribute to advancing the global society, for example:

Good Neighbors monitors the progress and impact of our actions, using the Impact Management System and the Project Management System.

Our Standards

Comply with relevant laws and regulations and disclose our financial statements

Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of operations

Strictly manage information of the people who partner with Good Neighbors

Build transparent and healthy organizational cultures by strengthening whistle blowing system

Recruit employees based on our ethical standards and and periodically conduct ethics trainings for all staff members.

Commitment to Progress

Good Neighbors has developed the 10-year strategic plan – Vision 2030, in collaboration with external experts, internal stakeholders, and partnered organization’s members, to improve our quality of operations and contribute to achieving our mission. This includes our efforts to continue complying with international standards, updating internal policies accordingly, and setting strategic plans to improve our accountability level in all operations. 


Good Neighbors prioritize the dignity, safety, and well-being of every live in the communities we seek to serve. We strive to protect people from risk or actual harm including neglect, sexual exploitation and abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse, especially for children (any person under the age of 18), women and vulnerable adults. 

Good Neighbors Safeguarding Policy outlines our commitment to safeguarding and applies to all employees of all Good Neighbors offices, affiliated organizations, and partners. Learn more about our safeguarding policy. 

External Audit and Compliance Check

Good Neighbors’ global office (Global Partnership Center) and all partnered organizations of Good Neighbors are obliged to obtain audits from a third-party auditor in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) issued by International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). This is an yearly process to examine its internal controls and procedures and financial information from an outside perspective and international standards. 

Good Neighbors monitors the partnered organization’s compliance with the internal standards, policies, and guidelines set by the global offices and assesses operational efficiency and effectiveness. It encompasses the organization’s legitimacy, internal controls and procedures, program operation, and other critical areas. 


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