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Addressing Global Water Challenges at Children’s Water Festivals, Ontario

Toronto, June 18, 2024 – Good Neighbours Canada, a core alliance of Good Neighbors Global Partnership, has actively implemented a series of educational events across Ontario, engaging with young students during the children’s water festivals. 

Collectively, these festivals involved interactions with over 8,200 students, where students learned about the importance of water conservation, protection, awareness, respect, science technology, history, and health. 

At these events, Good Neighbours Canada addressed global water access challenges, particularly highlighting conditions in Zambia. In Zambia, many children may travel up to four hours daily to collect water from sources that are often contaminated and shared with local wildlife, posing a risk of waterborne diseases.

One key initiative, the Step4Water activity, was implemented to simulate the challenges faced by Zambian children. This activity involved Ontario students carrying a bucket of water across a short distance of approximately 10 steps, aimed at fostering appreciation for the readily available water resources in Ontario and illustrating the stark contrast with conditions in Zambia.

Additionally, the Virtual Reality Experience at one of the festivals provided students with an immersive view of water collection from wells built by Good Neighbours Canada under its Wishing Well Project. This experience prompted students to consider how they might use the time saved by having closer water sources.

Feedback from the festivals has been positive, with educators noting the importance of raising awareness about water issues. For instance, a teacher from the Peel Children’s Water Festival described the activity as remarkably informative.

Good Neighbours Canada’s Wishing Well project continues to provide families with access to clean water, helping children pursue education without the daily burden of water collection. For more information about its efforts to build Wishing Wells in rural Africa, please visit the campaign page:

Let's build wells to provide clean water sources!

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Good Neighbours Canada is a registered charity in Toronto, Ontario, that supports people in need locally and internationally. Its primary objective is to work closely with the communities we serve, fostering collaboration and understanding. Through a collaborative approach, it strives to develop programs and initiatives that are tailored to address the unique circumstances and requirements of each community. It has been operating in Canada since 2017, implementing a wide range of inclusive community-based development projects and providing emergency relief.

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